[Construction Engineering Technology Primary Standard] 3. BIM Practice
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Lesson Code:TCEN2024G007

Academic Hours



1. Lecturer: YIN Wenjun, Guangxi Urban Construction School

2. Lecturer: PANG Ling, Guangxi Urban Construction School

3. Lecturer: WU Yi, Guangxi Urban Construction School

4. Lecturer: ZHU Yu, Guangxi Urban Construction School

5. Lecturer: WANG Ying, Guangxi Urban Construction School

6. Lecturer: LIN Yan, Guangxi Urban Construction School

7. Lecturer: LI Wei, Guangxi Urban Construction School

General Introduction
This course is based on cultivating trainees' BIM technology application capabilities,
primarily teaching the fundamental concepts, processes, skills, and methods of BIM.

This Course is for
● Familiarizing trainees with the fundamental principles and technologies of BIM, including its concepts, developmental history, advantages, and application value.
● Enabling trainees to master the basic operational methods and common functionalities of BIM modeling software, such as Revit and Auto CAD.
● Preparing trainees for further study in comprehensive professional courses, such as Construction Engineering Pricing and Cost Control, Construction Organization and Management, etc.

Learning Materials

● Corresponding PPT
● Online Course Video

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Benefits of Learning

● Being proficient in BIM: Trainees must master BIM fundamentals, software operation, and independently complete tasks like modeling, rendering, and animation.
● Being able to demonstrate practical skills: Trainees should possess the ability to apply knowledge to real-world problems, including architectural design planning and construction drawings.
● Being able to do excellent teamwork: Trainees should exhibit strong teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills for collective project completion.
● Being responsible and ethical: Trainees must maintain high responsibility and ethics, respecting intellectual property and safeguarding client interests.

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