[Construction Engineering Technology Primary Standard] 2. Masons
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Lesson Code:TCEN2024G007

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1. Lecturer: GUO Li, Guangxi Urban Construction School

2. Lecturer: ZHANG Na, Guangxi Urban Construction School

3. Lecturer: BAI Li, Guangxi Urban Construction School

4. Lecturer: GUO Jinhui, Guangxi Urban Construction School

General Introduction
This course is designed to equip trainees with the fundamental theories and practical skills of masonry works,
laying a solid foundation for their involvement in related jobs in the construction industry.

This Course is for
● Helping trainees acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles and basic knowledge of masonry work and familiarizing them with the process flow and operational norms of masonry.
● Enabling trainees to master the basic skills and operational techniques of masonry work.
● Helping trainees lay a necessary foundation for further study of comprehensive courses related to masonry work, enhancing their practical abilities and overall qualities, and nurturing outstanding individuals who possess innovative thinking and practical abilities.

Learning Materials

● Corresponding PPT
● Online Course Video

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Benefits of Learning

● Being able to master the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills of masons, familiar with the masonry technological process and operational standards, capable of completing masonry tasks independently, and possessing certain construction organization and management abilities. ● Capable of being acquainted with the engineering materials and construction tools of masons, able to correctly select appropriate materials and tools for construction, mastering the properties of materials and construction methods, enhancing work efficiency and project quality. ● Knowing how to comply with safety production and environmental protection regulations, possessing awareness of safety and environmental protection, understanding the safety operational procedures and environmental protection requirements of masons, ensuring personal safety and environmental quality.

Courses Videos
1. The Basic Knowledge of Architectural Recognition Graphplay 2. The Commonly Used Symbols and Specifications in Architectural Construction Drawingsplay 3. The Formation and Functions of Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Detail Drawingsplay 4. The Methods, Steps, and Key Points of Interpreting Drawingsplay 5. The Commonly Used Masonry Materials 1 play 6. The Commonly Used Masonry Materials 2play 7. Commonly-used Masonry Tools and Equipment 1 play 8. Commonly-used Masonry Tools and Equipment 2play 9. The Basic Techniques and Methods for Masonry of Brickwork 1 play 10. The Basic Techniques and Methods for Masonry of Brickwork 2 play 11. Bonding Methods and Principles of Brick Walls 1play 12. Bonding Methods and Principles of Brick Walls 2 play 13. The Steps Involved in Constructing a Brick Wall play 14. The Construction of Brick Columns play 15. The Masonry Construction of Filler Wallsplay 16. Quality Inspection of Brick Walls 1play 17. Quality Inspection of Brick Walls 2play 18. Brick Foundation Constructionplay 19. The Connections in Brick Masonryplay 20. The Construction Methods for Hollow bricks and Blocks play 21. Seasonal Masonry Construction 1 play 22. Seasonal Masonry Construction 2play 23. Safety Technology Knowledge 1play 24. Safety Technology Knowledge 2play 25. Introduction to the Use and Performance of Masonry Toolsplay 26. Preparation of Mortar and Masonry Materialsplay 27. Stretcher Bond of 120mm Wass and English Bond of 240mm Wallsplay 28. Flemish Bondplay 29. Construction Methods of Cavity Walls play 30. Construction Methods of 240x365 Columns and 365x365 Columnsplay 31. Flemish Garden Wall Bondplay 32. Quality Inspection of Wallsplay

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