[Intelligent Logistics Technology Primary Standard] 5. Practical Container Transportation
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Lesson Code:TCEN2024G006

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1. Lecturer: MA Yaowen, Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology

2. Lecturer: CHEN Chunyan, Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology

General Introduction
This is a core course in the Modern Logistics Management major. It aims to systematically train trainees to master the theories, knowledge, and skill methods of container transportation. The course also seeks to cultivate communication skills and cooperation spirit among trainees,
enabling them to grasp knowledge in container management, transportation tools, and international trade comprehensively. It equips trainees with the capability to handle container transportation business comprehensively.

This Course is for
● Helping trainees master the knowledge necessary to meet the development needs of the container transportation industry and to complete the work processes of corresponding positions.
● Enabling trainees to acquire the essential knowledge required for the development of enterprises in the container transportation sector and for the execution of specific job roles.
● Helping trainees to possess the basic abilities and qualities needed for engaging in international container transportation services.

Learning Materials

● Corresponding PPT
● Online Course Video
● Simulation Question Tankshark

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Benefits of Learning

● Being capable of cultivating a strong professional ethic for container transportation services.
● Being capable of selecting appropriate shipping schedules and carriers and describing the process of booking container export shipments.
● Being capable of describing commonly used pricing terms suitable for maritime transport.
● Being capable of identifying container markings, structures, and the names of various parts.
● Being capable of choosing the appropriate container for goods.
● Being capable of handling the main operations at container terminals.
● Being capable of reading container ship stowage plans.
● Being capable of accurately calculating container freight rates.
● Being capable of managing import and export operations for container maritime transport.
● Being capable of creating the main documents for container maritime import and export.
● Being capable of processing container land transportation operations.
● Being capable of developing a spirit of teamwork and social skills for communication and interaction with others.
● Being capable of embodying honesty, integrity, and the resilience to endure hardships.

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