[Intelligent Logistics Technology Primary Standard] 1. Intelligent Transportation Management
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1. Lecturer: SHEN Qian, Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology

2. Lecturer: JI Jinzhen, Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology

2. Lecturer: ZHENG Qiaofang, Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology

General Introduction
This course is designed for logistics professionals in dispatch, on-site operations, information management, and project supervision. It equips trainees with the professional capabilities necessary to engage
and success in Intelligent Transportation business operations and management, such as transportation planning, dispatching, organizing, designing processes, ensuring safety, controlling costs, and evaluating performance.

This Course is for
● Helping trainees develop a systematic understanding of the operational business processes involved in intelligent transportation projects.
● Equipping trainees with the professional capabilities necessary for transportation business operations and management, such as formulating transportation plans, issuing dispatch instructions, organizing transportation activities, and designing business processes, as well as fostering the essential skills in this field.

Learning Materials

● Corresponding PPT
● Online Course Video
● Simulation Question Tankshark

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Benefits of Learning

● Recognizing different comprehensive transportation systems.
● Selecting appropriate transportation tools and organizational methods according to different types of goods.
● Choosing reasonable modes of transportation based on the transportation task.
● Arranging the transportation business process rationally to complete the transportation of goods.
● Undertaking the organization and transportation dispatching work at the transportation production site according to the transportation task.
● Designing rational operational processes for transportation business to organize the transportation of goods.
● Utilizing advanced goods dispatch management platforms for dispatching goods.
● Employing advanced transportation management platforms for conducting transportation operations.
● Implementing intelligent technologies and methods for the intelligent management of vehicle dispatching and warehousing.

Courses Videos
1.1 Introduction to the Course of' Intelligent Transportation Management play 1.2 Entering Intelligent Transportation play 1.3 The Transportation Object of the Freight Systemplay 1.4 Transport Tools for Freight Systems play 1.5 Transportation Route of Freight System play 1.6 Introduction to Various Large Transport Vehiclesplay 2.1 Understanding of Transportation Scheduling Workplay 2.2 Transportation Scheduling Workflow play 2.3 Path Planning for a Single Endpoint play 2.4 Path Planning for Multiple Starting and Ending Pointsplay 2.5 Path Planning for Circular Pickup play 2.6 Introduction to the Functions of the Cargo Dispatch Management Platform play 2.7 Introduction to the Cargo Dispatch Management Platform Moduleplay 3.1 Understanding of Freight Transportation Systemsplay 3.2 Types of Cargo Transportation Plans play 3.3 Preparation of Vehicle Operation Plan play 3.4 Freight Transportation System Process play 3.5 Acceptance of Consignment for Goods Transportationplay 3.6 Freight Calculation for Goods Transportationplay 3.7 Intelligent Transportation Management play 3.8 Cargo Consolidation Operation in Cargo Transportation play 3.9 Delivery and Handover of Goods Transportationplay 3.10 Loading and Loading of Goods during Transportationplay 3.11 Transit Operations for Cargo Transportationplay 3.12 In Transit Tracking of Goods Transportationplay 3.13 Delivery of Goods to the Destination during Transportationplay 4.1 GIS Management Technology play 4.2 GPS Positioning and Tracking System play 4.3 Intelligent Management of Vehicle Outbound play 4.4 Intelligent Management of Vehicle Storage play 4.5 Intelligent Vehicle Management Platform Architecture play 4.6 Introduction to Intelligent Vehicle Management Platform Module play 4.7 Artificial Intelligence Delivery Express Deliveryplay 4.8 RFID Meets play 4.9 Walking into Trailer Transportation play 4.10 Product Barcode Awareness I play 4.11 Product Barcode Awareness II play 4.12 Understanding of Intelligent Transportation Management Systemsplay 4.13 Understanding the Comprehensive Transportation System play 4.14 JD Red Robotplay 4.15 Design and Printing of Product Barcodesplay

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